This is such a highly debated topic here in the United States but are we asking the right questions? Is it truly home vs hospital or does it go beyond that?

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rebecca coursey — rebecca coursey, photographer + doula

Eat, Pray, Doula

Bali, Indonesia

I was prepared for the education. I wasn't prepared for the sisterhood and falling in love with the country.

As I sat in the airport returning home from a life changing experience in Bali, I was looking at pictures of my adventure. This picture taken one of our beautiful and spiritual journey into one of Bali's Sacred Water Temples. It inspired me to share my thoughts on the hands of a doula.

Positions For Your Birth Journey

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Before baby is even born, one of the big decisions a parent has to make is where he is going to sleep. There are many choices in the US today. Some new and some not so new. Where will your baby sleep?

What Is A Doula?

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All women want to look beautiful. Especially in those first pictures with their newborns. Well mom, sorry to tell you, but no one really cares what you wear during labor and delivery, as long as they can get to the appropriate areas at the right times. They are going to be looking at those little fingers and toes. That cute little button nose. Plus, you are going to look fabulous no matter what you have on! It’s not so much about how you look but about your comfort. You now have choices when it comes to your L&D attire.

When nearing the last few month of pregnancy, it is always good to schedule a tour of the facility that you will be giving birth in. Each facility is different to some extent and some have many the same things available. Haven't taken a tour yet? Know what options are out there for you. Keep these things in mind when drafting up your birth day wishes.

In my very first blog post, I let you know why every woman should have a Doula. The benefits to Mom and the new family are well worth it. Whenever Mom can be taken care of it's well worth it! Thank you for visiting today.