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If a woman doesn’t look like a goddess during labor, then someone isn’t treating her right

~ Ina May Gaskin

Southern Zen Doula


I feel strongly that every woman deserves to have a Doula. My goal is to help a Mother have a positive birthing experience. One that she can come away from feeling that she not only actively participated in but had a voice in. So that they will be able to rely on their own instincts as well as nature to care for and nurture their families.
Southern Zen Doula

My husband and I have been together for 30 years. We have 4 crazy kids and 4 crazier grandchildren. Our life is never dull or boring and we love it that way. I have been blessed to attend 2 of my grandchildren's births as a Doula. It was such an honor to be in the presence of their miraculous arrival into this world. 

The Wife, The Mom, The Gigi

I am a Certified Birth Doula (CBD) and a trained Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula (HCHD). Once finding this calling, I never doubted it was right for me. Each Mother that comes to me is like one of my own daughters. I want to educate, empower and encourage those that I serve. Giving birth can be the scariest and happiest time in a woman's life. Whether or not birth is at home, a hospital or birthing center, labored through all naturally or assisted with pain medication, I feel every woman deserves a loving and supportive Doula

The Doula


Historically, during their birthing time, women were surrounded by other women. Midwives, mothers, sisters and female elders within their communities. The modern-day birth journey is a bit different as, over time, birth became institutionalized. I feel it is important to bring back the circle of sisterhood to birth. The loving connection of female spirits sharing a miraculous event. At the same time, it is just important to also honor the mother’s partner and welcome them into the space as well. I have learned that, in addition to physically and emotionally supporting a growing family, it is just as essential to hold and protect the birthing family’s space of peace and serenity.

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Thank You

Gratitude is an important part of my life. My Grandmother was not a woman that said 'I love you' a lot. If you told her you loved her she would reply 'Thank you.' It took me a long time to realize that her 'thank you' was a more heartfelt response of love than just replying 'I love you' in return. It showed the gratitude for the love that was given to her. 

Thank you for visiting my site today.

Peace, Love & Blessings,


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